How Does It Work?

None of the technologies are ‘new’ and all have known attributes and tested capabilities. It is the combination for these applications which is new, unique and patented! In simple terms:

Unicorn Thermal Technology

Gasification, the production of an inflammable gas by ‘roasting’ biomass in a closed combustion vessel, has been around for a very long time.  All biomass is capable of gasification, some presents difficulties but the Unicorn technology can deal with all. 

The gas is ‘dirty’ containing tars, particulates etc. and this has been the cause of the inefficiency and emissions problems of gasifier generators in the past.  Complex fabric filters and mechanical scrubbing have had the triple effects of slowing the delivery, using energy (and materials and labour) and leaving contaminated materials, filters and water, needing treatment and disposal.

The heart of the system was developed to deal with highly dangerous and toxic substances so most potential feedstock presents no significant problems.


The Unicorn patent allows for fast throughput, much less loss of energy and a high level of cleanliness of emissions at the end of the process.

The gas is driven off leaving an inert mass of non combustible, mostly mineral, material suitable as a soil conditioner.

Deployment & Results

The last stage is the generator, powered by freer and faster flowing gases, resulting in a much higher energy retrieval rate generally some 15% higher than conventional gasification systems.   This results in higher sales or savings and much easier emissions certification and, a much shorter payback period!


What can Unicorn Thermal do for your business?