Innovative Approach in  Waste-to-Power

The Unique Features of Unicorn Thermal Technology

Portable Design

Transportable to origin of wastes saving on regulatory issues and costs of transportation

Greater Efficiency

Much more efficient than older types of ‘producer gas’ generators due to patented filtration allowing higher efficiencies in operation and conversion

Low Costs

Low costs of staffing, operation and maintenance compared to other methods

Patented Filtration

Ability to process many kinds of contaminants safely and efficiently due to patented filtration so suitable for many ‘clean up’ operations

Rapid Payback

Very rapid payback period from sales or savings due to simplicity and efficiency

Permits Temporary Use

Portable design permits temporary use, ISO standard container can be quickly and easily moved so suitable for seasonal and project use

Easy Integration

Easy integration into local ‘micro-grids’ permitting base load assurance when intermittent renewables not available

Widely Available Components

Most parts are ‘standard’ components facilitating world wide availability and lower costs